GoodSports Enterprises is pleased to present its new sports tourism concept the GoodSports Village.

The Village consists of 120-room athlete centric hotel with a 80,000 square foot state-of-the- art fieldhouse designed around the amatuer athletic events market. Our model is designed specifically to meet the growing demand for dedicated lodging and sports facilities required by the 53 million traveling athletes, who make up the rapidly expanding $7.1 billion traveling sports market.


The village was designed specifically for athletes. The fieldhouse hardwood courts will cater to many sports but will mainly focus on volleyball, basketball, and fitness. The adjacent Hotel will accommodate fitness oriented corporate travelers during the week and event participants during the weekend.

Discover the Village
GoodSports Village Fieldhouse

GoodSports Village Fieldhouse

The fieldhouse will cater to local residents, hotel guests and event participants all looking for a quality sports facility in one convenient location.

GoodSports Village Hotel

GoodSports Village Hotel

The hotel will address the needs of the athletes while improving the experience during their stay by incorporating amenities for the sports-minded.



The Concept

GoodSports Enterprises Global has developed a new business concept that incorporates a 120-room athlete-minded hotel constructed next to a 85,000 square foot indoor fieldhouse, together called The GoodSports Village.

The Market

The GoodSports Village specifically addresses the need in the $7.1 billion dollar traveling sports market and its 53 million participants for a fieldhouse and lodging facility in one location.

The Need

The GoodSports Village fills the growing need of the travelling athlete and sports event organizers by providing a state-of-the-art fieldhouse next to an athletic-minded hotel.

The Goal

GoodSports ultimate goal is to build 25 GoodSports Villages across the United States, creating a national network of a branded sports facilities.

The Cost

The cost to build a GoodSports Village will depend on the market size and need. Projects can range from $6,000,000 to more than $45,000,000.

Benefits for the Athlete and Travelling Sports Industry

The Village will provide athletes a convenient, consistent, state-of-the-art facilities.

Benefit for the Hotel

The hotel will benefit from an immediate increase in occupancy generated directly from weekend sporting events and fitness oriented corporate travelers staying at the hotel during the weekday. Overall, the synergy created by the GoodSports Village will add to the hotels overall occupancy. This will have a significant impact on the hotels profitability and overall annual occupancy rates.

Benefit for the local community

The local community will benefit from the tourism dollars and taxes generated directly from the visitors of GoodSports Village. Indirect benefits to local businesses and services will be realized from the promotion and exposure of GoodSports Village.

Benefits for the local Business Community

Local businesses and services will also directly benefit from the patronage provided by the more than 135,000 estimated annual visits by athletes and guests to the GoodSports Village.

The GoodSports Anchor

In many cases the GoodSports Village will act as an anchor and incubator for the development of many other entertainment facilities and new businesses.

Economic Impact

An econometric study completed in January of 2012 by UniSource Incorporated shows the GoodSports Village will have an overall economic impact of over $40 million for the local community.

Overall Dollar for Dollar benefit

There are few projects that will provide the many benefits the GoodSports Village provides to the local community given the relatively small economic cost to the local municipality.