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// About GSEG

GoodSports does more than serve the athlete, it empowers them through a unique and rich experience dedicated to their lifestyle. The culmination of 25 GoodSports Villages around the country provides consistency and quality athletes expect, finally providing a place where they can eat, sleep and compete all in one place.





// Leadership – Jerald J. Good

Jerald Good, CEO and founder of GoodSports Enterprises Global, brings over 40 years of experience in hotel development and management along with award winning recognition from InterContinental Hotels Group. His companies have employed over 500 exceptional people.

As real estate developer, builder, owner and operator, he has developed residential communities, apartments projects, restaurants, commercial retail projects, indoor sport and recreational facilities, intermediate and long-term skilled nursing homes and a chain of 43 hotels.

He has served on many non-profit boards, including Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. He was chairman of the Holiday Inn Express Committee and the Candlewood Suites Committee. Jerry was also member of the Development Task Force Committee and Southern Regional Committee for the International Association of Holiday Inns.



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    The primary benefit created by combining a hotel and sports center in one location is an immediate and significant increase in overall occupancy to the hotel.

    The sports center is projected to increase hotel occupancy by 20 % to 40 %. In turn the hotel and adjoining sports center will provide a convenient and specialized facility for the athlete and event sponsors.

    In addition, the annual gain in output for this region as a whole will be about $144 million while annual household incomes will increase by about $49 million.

    The GoodSports Village creates a natural synergy that benefits everyone – the hotel, the sports center, the event sponsors, the athletes and the local economy. The village not only creates synergies but also becomes a catalyst for the economic and other sports.

  • At A Glance

    // The Concept –  GoodSports Enterprises Global has developed a new business concept incorporating a 115-room athlete centric hotel constructed next to a 60,000 square foot indoor sports center, together called “The GoodSports Village”.

    // The Market -  The GoodSports Village specifically addresses the need in the $7.1 billion dollar “traveling sports market” and its 53 million participants for a sports center and lodging facility in one location.

    // The Need -  The GoodSports Village fills the growing need of the travelling athlete and sports event organizers by providing a state-of-the-art sports center next to an athletic centric hotel.

    // The Company -   GoodSports Enterprises Global was created by Jerry Good. Jerry has over 40 years of experience in real estate and hotel development. He has built and managed over 50 hotels for Intercontinental Hotels and Holiday Inn.

    // The Goal -  Is to build 25 “GoodSports Villages” throughout the United States in the next five years and become a recognized branded leader in the market.

    // The Business Model  –  Each GoodSports Village will be owned and funded via a separate corporate structure.

    // Local Government Contributions - Due to the significant socio economic benefits associated with the GoodSports Village, GoodSports seeks incentives from local governments where we will locate each village.

    // The Cost -  Each GoodSports Village will cost approximately $22,000,000.

    // Investment Options -  GoodSports Enterprises Global is expecting to attract a wide range of investors and therefore will offer several options for investors including an equity investment, a debt option and an EB5 Visa option.

    // Objective One - Is to address the growing need in the $7.1 billion dollar nationwide “traveling sports” market for a state-of-the-art sports and lodging facility these traveling athletes and their event organizers require.

    // Objective Two -  To capitalize on the financial benefits created by the synergy of the hotel and sports center located on a single property as this allows the hotel and sports center to feed each other business.

    // Objective Three – – To maximize the strategic advantages provided by the GoodSports Village facilities, using them to develop additional venues and events including on-site immersive learning programs with local schools and colleges. The hotel and sports center will also be used for meetings, conventions, exhibitions and fairs.

    // Objective Four–  To create a significant number of new direct and indirect jobs for the local economy often in Targeted Employment Areas where the unemployment rate is abnormally high.

    // Benefits for the Athletes and Travelling Sports Industry  - The Village will provide much needed covenant, state-of-the-art facilities.

    // Benefits for the Hotel - Projections show that the hotel will benefit from an immediate additional occupancy generated directly from the sporting events.

    In areas where educational programs are provided through GoodSports, the hotel will further increase its occupancy.

    Overall, the synergy created by the GoodSports Village concept is projected to add to the hotels overall occupancy. This will have a significant impact on the hotels profitability and overall annual occupancy rates.

    // Benefit for the Hotel – Projections show that the hotel will benefit from an immediate additional occupancy generated directly from the sporting events of 20%.

    In cities where GoodSports will also use the Village facilities for educational programs and other events, projections show these will add a further 15% to 20% to the hotel occupancy.

    Overall, the synergy created by the GoodSports Village concept, is projected to add 30% to 40% to the hotels overall occupancy. This will have a significant impact on the hotels profitability and overall annual occupancy rates.

    // Benefit for the local community  -  The local community will benefit from the tourism dollars and taxes generated directly from the visitors of GoodSports Village. Indirect benefits to local businesses and services will be realized from the promotion and exposure of GoodSports Village.

    // Benefits for the local Business Community  - Local businesses and services will also directly benefit from the patronage provided by the more than 135,000 estimated annual visits by athletes and guests to the GoodSports Village.

    // The GoodSports Anchor – In many cases the GoodSports Village will act as an “anchor” and incubator for the development of many other entertainment facilities and new businesses.

    // Economic Anchor - An econometric study completed in January of 2012 by UniSource Incorporated shows the GoodSports Village will have an overall economic impact of over $40 million for the local community.

    The econometric study also shows a gain in annual output for the region as a whole of approximately $144 million while household incomes are projected to increase by $49 million.

    // Overall Dollar for Dollar benefit -  There are few projects that will provide the many benefits the GoodSports Village provides to the local community given the relatively small economic cost to the local municipality.

  • Direct Benefit to the Host City

    Given the relatively low investment required to develop the facilities, there are few opportunities that provide a local government with an economic benefit of this scale.

    Local government incentives of $5 million (the 25% of the cost GoodSports typically seeks) will provide an immediate impact to the local economy of over $40 million.

    The GoodSports Village along with the significant cultural and economic benefits it provides to the host community will make it a welcome addition to any community and will garner support from all citizens.

    Local businesses and services will also directly benefit from the patronage provided by the more than 135,000 estimated annual visits by athletes and guests to the GoodSports Village.

    Dollar for dollar there are few projects that will provide the many benefits the GoodSports Village provides to the local community given the relatively small economic cost to the local municipal

  • Traveling Sports Market


    The 2012 Sports Events Trends and Economic Impact Study for North America reports the itinerant sports competition marketplace represents an annual impact of about $7.1 billion (2011) in direct spending in communities, which is up from $6.5 billion in 2010.

    The “youth sports travel segment” is a little less than 10 percent of the overall national leisure travel industry, which is estimated at $77 billion and growing by 3 to 5 percent annually, faster than most segments.

    The industry, comprised of approximately 53 million traveling athletes nationwide, is considered fairly recession-proof, given the importance parents place on providing their children with tournament level competition. (Source: NASC)



    Event visitors on average spend $208 a day, resulting in a positive economic impact into the community. This number may vary depending on the surrounding market.



    Our target market is made up of the almost 53 million Americans who participate in a sports activity at least 50 times per year. These are children and adults who are serious about their sport. The growth on this market is also due in large part to the fact that public schools are cutting back on their afterschool sports programs.

    Basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and cheerleading participants are demanding better-equipped facilities with convenient lodging and dining accommodations.



    Basketball is the most participated sport among the traditional “bat and ball” sports with more than 26 million casual participants. For our study, we considered only those “core” players who participated more than 50 times per year. Basketball participation increased nearly 10% from 2009-2010.



    Our other focus is on the established volleyball market. The GoodSports club teams will cater to ages 10 to 18 with dedicated team coaches and adult leagues for recreational players. Each market differs, but with 81% of volleyball clubs around the nation made up of girls teams we expect to have over 1,320 total participants with the core made up of 12-18 year old girls. 



    Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the last decade, with a growth of nearly 23%. Gymnastics is another expanding segment of participation, with 23% growth over just the last two years.

    As GoodSports developed its model, the goal was to create a facility which could accommodate regular league play for the traditionally popular sports and also be able to host regional competitions for sports which are currently underserved and forced to use less then desirable facilities. 



    Maximizing the use of the hotel and sports center by adding additional programs and non-sports related events such as our educational programs with schools and colleges will further increase the hotel occupancy and revenue to the sports center.

    With basketball and volleyball accounting for approximately 60% of the sports center total revenue, other sports, events and profit centers such as gymnastics, cheerleading, business conferences, concessions, retail sales and sponsorships will drive additional revenue during off-peak operating periods.

    Additionally, the sports center will also be able to host events for concerts, tradeshows, conventions and other meetings.



    The recent 2011 NCAA ruling has affected the majority of high school sports competitions from being held on NCAA college campuses. The ruling has Impacting basketball tournaments the most, with volleyball and cheerleading events additionally being forced to find alternative facilities.



    The cutting of school funds for sports has also led to growth in the “pay-to-play” market.  As a result of school athletic programs coping with fewer dollars, diminished facilities and cutbacks in their programs the need for alternative sports facilities has increased. Parents have opted to pay for their children to play in leagues where they are able to play regardless of the school programs.



    According to the SGMA annual participation study on team sports almost three out of four teenagers participate in a team sport while children ages 6‐17 account for nearly 70%.

    For children of that age, travel is typically accompanied by parents and other family members thus creating a multiplier effect for the lodging and services required by these sports events.

    The sports center creates weekend traffic from sports tournaments and other events, which compliments the Monday to Thursday business travel. This “perfect match” optimizes the use of the hotel and creates the significant increase in overall occupancy.

    The sports center also benefits from increased bookings as it provides the convenience of offering an adjacent lodging facility. Aside from the convenience provided to the athlete, this makes it much easier for event organizers and also provides many cross marketing opportunities for the hotel, event sponsors and sports equipment manufactures.



Contact Development

GoodSports’ long term goal is to create a consistent, quality network of amateur sports facilities around the country to host the traveling athletes and their events. We are looking for municipal partners who share this vision to work together with us to capture this economic development potential.


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